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Centered Creative

transforming small businesses into industry
leaders through strategy and design 

our mission is to help your soul-led business grow, authentically.

We believe small businesses and entrepreneurs are the most passionate in their fields, creating a better tomorrow for our communities and our world. Unfortunately, we are up against some serious competition from big business. Centered Creative helps you craft big-business-level strategy and branding with the care and personal touch of a small business. 

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design grounded
in strategy

You didn't start your own business to be like everyone else. Centered Creative's goal is to help you infuse your passion and mission for your business into your branding through brand strategy, brand design, logo design, and web design. 

With a decade of experience managing corporate premium brands, everything we do is grounded in strategy. We merge holistic business practices and personal development tools with tried and true corporate strategy to attract your dream clients and ensure your business thrives.

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our story is one of many.

Welcome, I’m Emily, or as most people call me, Em, the founder of Centered Creative.


After nearly a decade of managing and growing luxury brands, I felt there was something missing. I no longer felt inspired by the brands I was working to grow. After some soul searching and a year of living out of my car traveling the American Mountain West, I came to realize that there was a disconnection.  

The world-renowned luxury brands that I was working on, through many hands and many distillations of purpose, had lost their why. They had lost the connection to their history, connection to their story, connection to their life-force. I felt inspired to help business owners re-connect and re-center. 


By infusing brands with the soul that creates success. By mirroring the passion that you, the business owner, have inherently for your product into your brand, I believe we will not only create better products but a better world.

I am passionate about human-centric design and business strategy. There is no cookie-cutter way to flourish. I tailor everything to fit your needs and lead your business to greater success.

the centered creative difference -
where holistic meets corporate.

  • You are looking to stand out against the competition and ground your brand design in strategy. You want branding that is more than just stunning, it's smart.


  • You are looking to express your brand's true essence through elevated design and/or aligned business strategies to attract your dream clients. 

  • You want to work with experienced professionals who will treat your brand with the preciousness and love that all brands deserve.

  • You are a mindful and holistic entrepreneur or business owner looking to infuse your brand with soul and your core mission.​

Centered Creative Studio Jackson Hole

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